- Jan 03, 2002
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IranMania- In the advent of the all-sensitive game between Esteghlal and Al Etehad to be played on Friday 04, January 2002, all the sports papers have announced the shocking news that Perspolis has withdrawn from the Professional League.
Though the rumors of the event had been heard as of yesterday, it did not become a reality until last night when a formal announcement by Parvin and his staff was published. The reason for the withdrawal is the strong internal dispute between the management and the Parvin group claiming ownership of the club, which has reached its peak in the last few days.

Ali Parvin, the official coach of Perspolis club.On his right is Khordbin (the Perspolis Team Supervisor).

Parvin thinks he is formally responsible for the club, as he was given an order sometime ago by Saeid Faeghi, the ex technical Deputy of the Physical Education Organization introducing him as the Club Chairman. Ali Mirzaei is the formal Chairman by the order of the Board overseeing the club and the Company registration offices. The Iranian Football Federation also accepts only his signature on all actions taken by the club.


Ali Mirzaei, the official Perspolis Chairman (L) and Abbas Ansarifard, ex Managing Director.

Last week, the Iranian Football Federation did not accept Parvin's signature for the issuance of Payan Raafat's ITC but it accepted Mirzaei's signature yesterday, 01 January 2002, and this angered Parvin and his supporters. The next action taken was a petition, signed by Parvin, Khordbin (the Perspolis Team Supervisor), Abedini and Ansarifard (the ex Managing Directors of the club) plus other Ali Mirzaei antagonists. The petition requested the withdrawal of the club from the League until further notice to resolve the situation.

Amir Abedini, a powerful Townhall of Tehran Committee member.

This letter was then sent to all Publications concerned, the Iranian Football Federation and a number of state organizations. It also became the top headline of all the papers of today.

Many believe this to be an empty threat and that Parvin and his followers intend to gain power over the opposition through this action and take control of the club. Others believe that this is the beginning of a future crisis.   

Parvin, "Our decision is serious"

Despite the current doubts, Ali Parvin, was sure of his decision and said he would not be on the Persepolis bench for the match against Pas of Tehran on Thursday.

Parvin who did not accept Payan Rafaat for the team practice sessions as the player had met Ali Mirzaei (Parvin's antagonist) in his office commented, "We can't accept the present conditions any longer. If the Federation continues to accept Mirzaie's signature, we will withdraw from the League. No matter what decision they make, it will make no difference to us."

Ebrahimi, "We told the players not to go to the hotel"

Iranmania archive- Naser Ebrahimi, the Perspolis coach

Naser Ebrahimi, the Perspolis Assistant coach, has fully backed the actions of Ali Parvin and has shown full support for him.

He said, "We know that if we don't play Pas on Thursday, they'll be awarded the three points. But we have made our decision and we will not play until they accept our conditions."

He continued, "We were supposed to have a camp at Azadi hotel today, but we have changed our mind. We told the players not to go to the hotel and wait for our instructions. We'll call them to attend camp if things change."

It seems now that Perspolis will not play at all and Pas will surely receive their points.